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If you could give yourself one piece of advice about psoriasis, what would you tell yourself?


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James @ferns

Ignore stupid people's reactions.

Anonymous @davidvs

Artheriosclerosis happens

Justin @justin1

Relax and see the sun!

Margaret R
Margaret R @margaret2023

Psoriasis is what is on the outside.
the real me is what is inside.

Jane @jane2445

Don’t let it control your life....which I hate to admit it has done.

A @millionways

Don’t worry about the things you can’t change.

Michelle @michelle1021

Stay inflammation free if you can. Difficult but possible. Love yourself and your P and you will see a difference

Jen @jen1984

There's no cure so all you can do is try to manage it the best you can. Dont stress and be gentle on yourself.

Rosey @sue2023

When down think positive,it can/ will improve when armed with information and finding what works for me to make life bearable

Keturah @keturah1

You'll have good days and bad days. But don't get overwhelmed itll be ok

Flakey @flakey

Stress less...and try to pay attention to things that may cause flares.
Keep a diary to see is there are cyclic patterns...or foods etc that are common to flares.

Susan @godcares

Love the one you’re with which will ALWAYS BE YOU!

June @june69

We are not alone so we have just got too get on with our lives and try not too stress over it

Sarah @sarahuk

Do not over analyse your skin!

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Never give up! Keep searching for a cure.

Gloria @gloriaca

Psoriasis is a condition I have, it does not define me nor it controls me. You learn to live with it and keep going. Even though it is a very ugly and sometimes painful condition, I am not focus on it 24/7.
Life is much more than my psoriasis.

Erica @Eri

Act immediately, don't let it get out of hand. Learn as much as possible about the disease, talk to other P sufferers. And most importantly it affects everyone differently although the symptoms are the same, there are more than one type of P. Don't be discouraged - there are ways to fight it. You are still beautiful.

Flakey @flakey

One thing after reading some comments I really want to stress... I have had Psoriasis for over 30 years. But even though I repeatedly visited gp's. ..yes various as I moved locations...it was never thought to be savvy to refer me to a specialist. Ir was not until I asked forva referal for what I thought was stubborn nail fungus that I was told I had Psoriasis.
I am a hairdresser by trade...my ongoing scalp flares I thought were dandruff.
PLEASE if you think anything is not right... request/DEMAND if need be a referal.... for any health issues.
I have scarred elbows, from years of being told to use heel balm from chemist... I cannot believe gp's thought it was normal dryness...acceptable in their eyes. It was scaling so badly it bled.

bernadette @bernadette3

There is people with worse than p that keeps me sane

Ron @ron7

As the British would say "Keep calm and carry on"

fran peters
fran peters @fran0000

Be patient with yourself. Don't push, It will pass and you will feel better .

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