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Arm flare ups soooo annoying! So visible and grating, and rubs on everything whilst moving around in the day... 😑 Can't wait for it to fade a little... Which it surely will! Just a case of when ✨


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Linda @justicejones

It seems like an ever ending struggle, hope it settles for you quickly. So hard to find out what triggers it!

Dakeyras @dakeyras

Aye the arm, basically from the elbow down(can be the bicep/shoulder) are the second worst after the face lass in my humble opinion. Mainly because so visible to all and those who do not understand what we suffer from, shy away under the misconception we may have a communicable ailment...

Rosey @sue2023

Arms a given nd face,faded arms with lemon,i never itch on arms,and now more spots,keeping up the lemon, a nd drink it with acv and ginger ,no harm,flakes again,i feel what u do Sarah,i cover up , easier than the stupid comments that I'm way over now

Julia @kelj

Hope it fades quickly Sarah

Marmara @marmara

Yeah it is!! I have it all over my body now but the more annoying is arms and hands....whole summer covered ugh

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