...feeling alone deborah @deborah4


Been away mostly for a couple of weeks. P in my spine has been acting up horribly. Not able to move much. Feeling a bit better today, but then it flared up all over my skin if you call it that. I'm 70% cover at the best of times for 5 yrs now. Ugh.


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Clint @NJClint

Sorry you are having a tough time psoriasis exposes it self spreads out then leaves I had it from shins to neck it tore down my soul but I am here now healed to give you hope this will get better I don't know just when let your spirit guide you past this don't ever think you can't win psoriasis is evil and attacks the best people but your strong and it ain't nothing but a thing any time soon you will start on the mend just remember you got friends.

Linda @justicejones

Oh Deborah that is tough, I hope it will improve fast for you. P has been around for a long time but it does not seem there has been much success in getting rid of it.

Rosey @sue2023

Deb,your not alone,theres something that's flamming you,been 2 years severe here but improving via change and trial and error ,old school coal tar compote , lemons,acv,has improved me ,the road us long hey,chin up gal and takes ages but there is at least relief .

Sarah @sarahuk

You are a fighter. We are strong people!

Jill @jilliemac

So sorry to hear..I know how you feel as I too am pretty much covered...I have given up dairy, night shades and peant butter..I am clearing, but not sure if because of diet changes or just the cycling of p....cheer up, we all suffer at different times..I find prayer helps when I am at a low point...โš˜โš˜

Erica @Eri

Sounds like you are having a rough time there Deborah. Hope you will feel better soon x

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