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Hi!! how guys did you found out about your triggers?My p every day looks and feels different,regardless what I do or what I dont the only one I can say is strept,for the rest I cant find a pattern,have a wonderful day!


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A @millionways

Hi Marmara, there are a few triggers I am very sure of. I found out by watching and listening to my body.
Infections, high humidity and wintertime ( to less sun or to dry inside because of heaters).
There must be more triggers I don’t know about.
Wishing you a great day too!

Jen @jen1984

Experiment with foods. Go right back to basics. Introduce foods one by one to see if it triggers your p.

Sarah @sarahuk

Strep definitely for me too! Stress, illness, diet. Still not sure what about diet though even after 8 months of eliminations! Still working it out. Will be a lifelong project!

Peter @peter5300

have you checked you soap you wash your self with or detergents ect, found it does irritate mine

Marmara @marmara

Hi Peter I changed to black soap few months ago is the only soap that I use and works really good in my skin

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Marmara. Like Million, I listen to my body. I had a chocolate yesterday as I felt tired and needed some sugar. Within an hour I started to itch. I hardly ever eat chokkies because I know I can't. But it was so damn delicious!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I wish i knew though i eat healthy all the time, it does help my joints, I let my hair down last week a lot as i was away and i could see inflammation in my small nail, going back to eating healthy it will clear up in time, my arthritis is the thing to watch with the nails , skin is mainly a winter problem and always has been, I prefer to eat healthy most of the time for general health :)

Linda @justicejones

Yeah it sure is unpredictable

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