...feeling hopeful Peter @peter5300

Travel, relationships

so i know its been a wile but here is the
news of whats happening. I resigned from work and staying in Poland, lol mid life crises no just starting a new chapter in my life, bit stressed , P not happy, looking forward to new beginnings , night all


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Margaret R
Margaret R @margaret2023

Wishing you success and happiness for you and P in your future. Life is too short not to step out into change... The only thing constant in life is change.

Susan @godcares

New beginnings are the best!!! Embrace it Peter is my suggestion. One life so gotta love it to the fullest! Blessings to you always!

Ellen @ellen4

All the best in the new chapter of life Peter ....

Erica @Eri

Best wishes Peter, enjoy and try and minimize the stress x

Jen @jen1984

Wow Peter that's courageous! Well done. Lots of luck for new beginnings and for the rest of your life.

Michelle @michelle1021

Peter, we choose what we want in life. You have made this decision and I know you can get the hand of it. You're strong and persistent, don't let your P rule your life. Its also a change for your P, not only your inner self, so take it easy and don't stress. You can do this. I wish you a happy future in Poland, and may you conquer the flares. I wish you well and don't forget we are always here for you xx

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I wish you well Peter in your new beginnings,I hope the P will calm down in time for you , its a big change you have made with moving to poland, i hope you get used to the climate there as you know, its not like SA more like the uk with their weather , i wish you well, best of luck in your new beginnings

Bev @bev43

Wow Peter I wish you the best of luck with this new adventure. I hope your P gets better as well

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Peter @peter5300
Randburg, South Africa

I am in my 30's and have had P for over 10 years, i travel a lot and try find new things in my travels, i have more than one type of P, i don't let my P rule my life but it can be a bit tricky to keep the P beast calm.

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