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Ended up covering arms up and getting self-conscious for the first proper time in many months. Psoriasis trying to conquer! Looking a little calmer today. This condition is such a cycle! Which means an "up" cycle must be right around the corner...


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Peter @peter5300

just keep your chin up and stress down all you can do apart from diet, be around good people and friend and the up Cycle wont feel as bad, good luck

Bev @bev43

Hang in there Sarah it will come right again

Linda @justicejones

The ups of P are so great and the downs disheartening but remember all the times you have kicked it’s butt! You got this girlfriend.

Karin @karinm

It is tough Sarah. The constant not knowing what’s next. I can say that I’m ok, but the feeling of being without control is never far away. I get it. All of us here do, same as you. If we dare to look deep enough. Love to you and everyone else here.

Susan @godcares

Yup Sarah. Up is around the corner. I’m getting married in about 5 weeks. I have a few awesome scars of skin on my arms from steroid use. Then about a week ago got a fungus on my skin especially on my back. My skin is all spotted and they are blending together to make my back look, hmm, “different”. I could care less. My beautiful dress is strapless too and very white. I have my life, a great man, I can look in the mirror and finally say I love this girl! The heart is what matters so hang in there. Maybe I’m old and just don’t give a sh_t! Lol

Linda @justicejones

Wow you are amazing! Love can do that!

Ellen @ellen4

Aawww Sarah this is a vicious cycle we go through....I have major flare ups on my buttocks....never had P there before....
Susan you will look beautiful in your white strapless dress... you will OWN the day !!!!!

Michelle @michelle1021

Sarah, Iook up to you, you are a brave woman and you can do this. Stay positive as always and the person you are!

Jane @jane2445

I know just what you mean ...I feel like I’m on a merry go round ...up and down...
if love could cure P wouldn’t that be brilliant.....

Michelle @michelle1021

Oh, I wish Jane. Just in case it can...I'm spreading all my love to my lovely Flaymers. Will check tomorrow if I'm healed. ;)

Ruben @ruben

Just recovering from a massive flare. Cheated my diet too much when on holidays. Getting better slowly now. Lucky for me I can cover up almost all my spots. Except my nails. Only have it on 2 nails, but they look horrific. Even shows more because my other nails are normal.
I'll get there, once I'll overcome P. And I agree with most of us here. P has to be fought from the inside out. Ointments and other topical stuff helps to battle the symptoms, not the P itself...
(Sorry for the long rant :p )

Jen @jen1984

Hi Ruben. I hope the flare disappears soon. It's such a battle and exhausting sometimes. But we stay optimistic and positive. Hope you are well otherwise.

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