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Hello my lovely Flaymers, hope you are all well? Being at home, I've tried some remedies but with no success! Anybody got a cure yet? Lol. Missed you! Xxx


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Susan @godcares

Lol. Yes Michelle I am cured. 💕

Bev @bev43

We missed you too

Babette @babette

Hi, missed your posts. P seems to flaring up quite badly, not too sure if its the change in seasons or what. Cannot wait to get body into the sun as that does help. To be honest, not very good at watching my diet, I do tend to love sweet stuff ie chocs and we know sugar baaaaad...but my eating habits not changed so maybe stress (just daily living in SA) have a great weekend

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Good to see you back Michelle,you have been missed :), I know i havnt been here commenting for a while now,If i knew of a cure i be a millionaire and have clear skin all year round, wouldnt that be great, double whammy, i be living the dream, i know what i would do,i be sunning it up on a nice beach topless mind, i wouldnt need the sun as i be cured,still be lovely though . :X)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Babette, I have a flakey skin now because of the season change but since I've been home I got a lot of sun and my P is looking good. I've set a goal for myself. I want my skin to be clear by 1st Nov. I tried ACV but won't try it again. It doesn't work for me. Leave the sugar Babette and get some sun when you can. :)
Well John, we missed you too on here. Let me know when you've won the lotto OK. That beach sounds terrific. I'm sure all flaymers would love to join you there. Lol.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

haha,yes i am sure they would indeed,yes i have that planned if i win enough,well i got lots of plans in mind if i win the lotto, i will let you know :) Thanks michelle :)

Ellen @ellen4

Hi Michelle.... missed you too ... we all seem to be flaring ... I have guttate on my bum cheeks ...never had P there before..the itch is beyond me....im going crazy...

Michelle @michelle1021

As Ellen, I'm sorry and I hope it gets better soon. I have a few extra spots on my legs but it looks like they are fading. Doesnt itch though. It might take about a month before its gone. I pay special attention to the new spots as I don't want them to become bigger. Good luck Ellen and i wish you well Xx

Jane @jane2445

Just started a new Aloe Vera cream with natural ingredients , expencive but then if it works that doesn’t matter. Don’t know how long to give it, only been using it a few days but if it helps I’ll let you all know.

Bev @bev43

My hubby has had no flare ups this winter. His skin has no new spots just scarring from old but they seem to be healing up. My ears have been good for a long time not much itching since taking antihestamines

Erica @Eri

Sporting a spot on each elbow, nothing else thank goodness, I can breath again. Rubbing lemon like crazy (thanks Clint). You had a stressful time Michelle, that must surely have an effect on whatever remedy you tried. Hope it will disappear quickly x

Michelle @michelle1021

Your husband is lucky and im glad your ear is better Bev. I normally get a few extra spots in winter but they heal quickly too.
Thank you Erica. I found that P on elbows heals quicker than the P on the rest of the body. Don't know if its the same with you Flaymers?

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