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I read that avocado is good for arthritis. I love avo and eat it on a regular basis. My arthritis is so much better and I hardly get a stiff finger or feel pain. Maybe it does work?


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Bev @bev43

Wow will have to give it a try. Iove About too

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Michelle, Yes i eat them daily and i think they are good, I know Sarah here has a reaction with them as she has said in the past ,They are expensive to buy but, i try get them when they are at their best price, i love them :)

Jen @jen1984

I love avocado but they are high histamine. But also alkaline. I can only eat a smidgen on toast or a little bit in a salad.

Michelle @michelle1021

I know a few has a reaction to avo but it doesn't affect my P. Don't know why though.

Md @md

Avocado is not good for me, sometimes I eat but not regular

Justin @justin1

Did you know that an avocado seed is edible too?

I bake mine, overnight, long and slow, remove the skin and add it to my morning Avocado, parsnip and beetroot smoothie.

It does me no harm AT ALL!

Clint @NJClint

I started an avocado 🥑 tree from the seed 🌱 it took all summer but it's cool 😎 now .

Susan @godcares

Not sure Michelle but I love them too and we eat them daily. Great natural fat too. Yum!!

Rosey @sue2023

Finger stiff,but just today on Pinterest,grate the seed of avocado,and eat,go figure

Rosey @sue2023

Justin just grate about,throw boing water over it,then drink so much easier than baking hey,havent tried it yet as just read about it today

Mavis @mavis

I like avocado as well but don't buy it often as it is quite expensive just for one. I didn't know it was good for arthritis as I suffer with that nearly everywhere. Will have to try it and ignore the price

Sarah @sarahuk

I just bought a bag of "wonky" avocado's cheap. There are 6 of them! Good fats and oils but also high histamine so I'll watch out for that when I eat them...will ration them to one a day 😏

Julia @kelj

I like avocado so I will eat more of them. Thanks

Keturah @keturah1

I think it does my mom suffers from arthritis in her hip she stopped eating avocado and noticed her pain was worse so now she is back on eating them

Alexandros @alexandros

I also love avacados. How often do you eat them Michelle?

Justin @justin1

I get my Avocado's inexpensively.

In my local big town, there are amazing cheap deals on Avocado's - 3 for £1- on £1 greengrocers.

Look around to find good deals!

Justin @justin1

Although you have recommended de-skinning Avocado seeds in boiling water, the seed itself would be too hard to digest!

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