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Bizarre twist! My psoriasis has become more active on my lower half of my body than my upper half. Maybe it is migrating?! Tops of feet (in a perfect line pattern, quite mesmerising) and knees, and on the bum. Anyone get this? Upper half is calm! 🤔


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Linda @justicejones

It certainly has a mind of its own!
You will find the answers you need to get it back under control.

Bev @bev43

Weird Sarah. P does know-how to confuse us

Linda @Linda1009

I have almost always had psoriasis on the lower half of my body only. I do have slight scalp P but mainly it appears on my legs only

Susan @godcares

Hmmm. Interesting. Never had that. Maybe now that you have food stuff under control take the next step. Therapy helped me in my mind control for stress along with guided meditation. Just a thought.

Rosey @sue2023

Yep but only midriff is totally clear?? Waist down including bum cheeks been real bad as for face,scalp controlled now,arms fading and lovely spots on feet. Ohh your lucky your feet are lined ,mine just randomly dotted
Oh p keep the surprises up,where will it land no-body knows

rachel @wynnegee

So have you never had psoriasis on the lower half of your body before? I have it all over, quite symmetrical! Its coming back now after the UVB and summer sun, mostly on my torso. I'm hoping that because of diet and lifestyle improvements it won't come back to the same extent. Fingers crossed, for us all! x

Justin @justin1

I found mu Psoriasis cleared COMPLETELY when I was on a kibbutz in Israel!

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