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Anyone else's psoriasis transform over time to look like dry "rings"? Mine has gone like this on the bits I have left, like kind of mini crop circles that peel at the edges but are very shallow in depth...


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Sarah. Yes mine were like that before it faded. I still have a few spots like that so I'm awaiting to see if its healing. With P we never know but I hope for the best! Sounds good so whatever you are doing now, just keep in doing it. I know we are all different in our P but I wish you all the best and keep us updated xx

A @millionways

Hi, mine turned into something like warts, small bumps when it was healing. But I also had a couple of islands.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yep, mines done that every year in places , i usually know its healing up when it does that :)

James @ferns

My back and chest plaque went that way when the guttae showed up. They're back to solid plaque now though.

Michelle @michelle1021

James, it just shows that our p is not the same. I guess it might nr because if the warm weather we have in SA? Eben winter, my P have the same effect

Sarah @sarahuk

So there may be hope that is healing then?! I really hope so. We shall see!

Jen @jen1984

Hey Sarah. I hope yours is getting better and clearing. Isnt it strange but this last flare im having now started with rings like you describe. I thought i had ringworm. The ring shaped spots started to spread out into bigger patches and now my arms are all red and skin raised. My hands were cracking and turned into hard purple skin. So very very itchy. Sometimes I feel like setting them on fire to kill the itch! Lol, no I'm not losing it, but sometimes close to it! Had to go see doc to get steroid cream.

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