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Has there EVER been a film about psoriasis or with a flaker as a main character?


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Yes, Kim Kardashian sex tape :)

Jack @psoriasisblob

Hahaha, home movies not included!

Adam @ads666

Hi Jack, not sure but doubt it! I reckon you've hit on something though. Maybe we should recreate some classics...

1) Me, Myself & Flaky
2) King Flake
3) Star Wars - The Phantom Flaker
4) Meet the Flakers
5) Flake & Flaker
6) Superflake
7) Ironflake
8) Saving Private Flake
9) Flake Busters
10) Forrest Flake

Ideas welcome... 😁

Lee @lee

There was a series on brittish telly called the singing detective the main character was hospitalised because his P was so bad thus is the only thing I've seen....

Jack @psoriasisblob

Haha, Saving Private Flake... I would pay to see this.

Jack @psoriasisblob

Thanks Lee, just googled it and it was turned into a film in 2003 with Robert Downey Jr and Mel Gibson! Need to see it.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes,dennis potter the writer of the sinfing detective had psoriasis and psoriatic arthrtis,he had it quite severe

john,Hulk @chewbacca

the singing dective,was written by dennis potter who had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis quite severe

john,Hulk @chewbacca

flakenstien,bram stokers flakecula, flakeface,

Honey @honey

Yes, it's a filipino film tho and a true story. I cried watching that movie. It is about a guy who is successful but when he got psoriasis, his life changed. It's a really good movie tho. I even posted my picture showing my psoriasis to support the movie and other people and also joined the club made by the guy in the movie.

Judith @theweeblondie

I don't think so! Would be great to see though!

snezana @snezana

I would not know. It would be an interesting film if maybe we could be screenwriters and directors of the film. However better to be comedy:))

Jack @psoriasisblob

I found one! A 22 minute short filmed in the UK last year called Millefeuille. Here's the synopsis: Élodie, becoming more and more isolated moves to London to disappear, following a family tragedy and progression of her psoriasis, but finds hope in a new friendship with her neighbour Holly. 8/10 on IMDB. Sounds a bit depressing but good!

Jack @psoriasisblob

Apparently Millefeuille means 'a thousand layers' - that's pretty cool.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

ah ,wasnt there a film with prunella scales as the mother of jonathon flakes and the theme tune score was done by lionel itchy ? :)

vivien @celsy

Yes a English series call The Singing Detective.

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