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Rustling up a new batch of turmeric paste tonight. What anti inflammatory things do you have in your life to help your skin? Settled down again at the moment. Thank goodness! It has been quite up and down with food reintroductions...


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Breda @breda

What diet could I follow for my psoriasis does probiotics help Breda

Linda @justicejones

Sarah I thought we were suppose to drink turmeric tea, so how do you use a paste?

Jen @jen1984

You can use the paste in drinks and food. Makes a nice curry.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes i just use childs farm moisturizer, no miracle but, its okay, glad its getting sorted Sarah :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Yep Linda, I make the paste and then when I want to make turmeric tea (for me, every morning and most evenings) I put a teaspoon in a mug and mix with boiling water and almond milk ✨

Peter @peter5300

to many to list

Michelle @michelle1021

Sarah, is the paste working for you? I'm busy with a new experiment but I will tell you how it's going after another week.

Michelle @michelle1021

As you know Sarah, I'm a turmeric fan. I drink it twice a week for my PsA, I only use Himalayan salt and Hawaiian salt in my food. My PsA has proved after a period of 2 months. Furthermore, I drink turmeric powder as a tea. It works well for me and my inflammation is at bay

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Turmeric is great for me too,i stick it between foods or make my curry with veggies,works very well:)

Julia @kelj

I drink turmeric tea and have the powder. I think it helps

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