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If had p since I was 5 I'm now 83 this last two years its got worse is on my feet and hands never before and its never bothered me till now one can't hide it on your hands


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Michelle @michelle1021

Awwww Rosemary. I know how you feel. I'm not near your age but I had it on my hands. Its terrible! People always look at the hands first. I'm 43, and I do get P on my hands and I feel so self conscious. My dear, I know that it might get worse, but don't hide it. Your P needs the fresh air and some sun. Even when sitting in front of your window where the rays are, will work. My heart is with you. Xxx

Kim @Foody

Hi Rosemary. Both backs of my hands are affected. I know how you feel, it's awful having it on display. I work with members of the public and when it's flaring I can see everyone staring. I've had till users throw change back at me rather than touch me which is very upsetting. I use Salcura and wear moisture gloves overnight to try and help it.

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