...feeling excited Peter @peter5300


So up date P is finally behaving lol, Start training in my new job in Poland today and got my work permit last week so all things are good.


Theme Dating and Psoriasis

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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Great, All things looking good for you Peter :),Pleased for you , things looking up :)

Bev @bev43

That's good news Peter. Enjoy the training

Michelle @michelle1021

Peter, that's fabulous news! Well done and I wish you more great success on your P and new job :)

Peter @peter5300
Randburg, South Africa

I am in my 30's and have had P for over 10 years, i travel a lot and try find new things in my travels, i have more than one type of P, i don't let my P rule my life but it can be a bit tricky to keep the P beast calm.

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