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Posted an updated pic of my P and its looking good. No redness at all. White spots but I just need to get some sun.


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Md @md

Good to hear? What did you use?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Md. I'm still busy to see how this experiment is going to turn out but its something I've tried before and it wasn't this effective but, I first want to see if its clearing for the better or if I'm going to get a reaction of it. I will let you know though :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Legs are looking good Michelle,yes i need sun now ,Oh dear autumn is here more or less, could be worse though, great,I am pleased for you :) :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you John. I've been in the sun a lot lately and maybe that contributed to the clearing as well. You will be fine. Season change is a bugger for some of us but I'm sure you will be able to manage it ;).

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Thank you Michelle, yes a few more flakes added to the mix but
its okay, i live lol as i always do Thank you :) :)

rachel @wynnegee

I'm struggling now without the sun but we've had it good this year and my skin has been the best its been for a few years. Look forward to hearing about your new trial Michelle.

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Michelle @michelle1021
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