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Hi guys just a quick question would you walk away from people that you love dearly because they stressin the fck out of u and makin u psoariasis worse?do not understd wht you gg true


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Erica @Eri

We often expect our loved ones to understand exactly what we are going through, the sad reality is even if they live with us and witness what you are going through they still really won't know what it is like. It is like that with everything in life, not just P. My kind advice is expect less understanding from them, love is a strange thing, hold on to it but don't expect your loved ones to be perfect. Should something happen to one of them you might be the one who wouldn't understand. Let go and just let be. xx

Fahd @fahd1

So in othrr words do nthing

Michelle @michelle1021

Fahd, depends on who these family members are. Should it be your wife and kids, then you should start putting your foot down. Other family members? Id say get away from those toxic people as they are not good for you nor your health. I agree with Erica, sometimes the people who we love are the ones who hurt us most. Its in your power to decide what you want. We do not know the circumstances, but you know what is important to you.

Erica @Eri

@Fahd no you don't have to do nothing, what I am saying is we often expect them to understand while in fact they might never. You must determine if it is a willful act to hurt your feelings or just ignorance. Have a sit down with those who are important to you and explain to them whilst they might not understand what you are going through their support will mean a lot to you. Whether we may like it or not our loved ones are also frustrated when we are hurting or suffer, they too are affected. We just show it in different ways, as long as we can communicate how we feel and what we expect from one another we can work on it. I am really sorry that you have to deal with this, it is unfortunately part of our illness, dealing with other people's lack of understanding and support as it is a continuous battle that affects us on a daily basis.

Fahd @fahd1

I was more thinkin of doing a john doe in another country lol

Rosey @sue2023

Fahd,yes,and did it,was friends that didn't understand why I didn't want to go out anymore etc,was ,am tired alot they didn't understand this,they didn't work,best thing I ever did was be not available for them am avail for family ,always looking after grandkids on weekends,yep tiring as but have help from son that's still at home and his g/f,do still have a few friends,but they don't demand anything of me

Chel @chel

Yea I have I first try to explain everything to them and than say screw this I'm out here

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I have walked away from negativity many times, one dosnt need it in their lives ,be good to yourself :)

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Fahd @fahd1
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