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Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues. What is your view on this?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

So true. they are not good for you ,so many nurses where i work say how bad they are Michelle, i avoid these myself as i know they are bad :)

Michelle @michelle1021

So do I John. I prefer to keep it natural as possible. :)

carol @carol1943

My view is that you are right. I do think that responsible medical systems are finally realizing that they need to make changes. The patients now need to understand that an antibiotic is not always the answer.

Michelle @michelle1021

I agree Carol and sometimes we get so frustrated that we are willing to rather try something that works quicker and is easier to maintain for a while. The quickest way is not always the right way. I know. :)

Erica @Eri

It could be our bodies are building up a resistance to all these medicines, our immune system must try and keep up. I was prescribed antibiotics a few days ago for an ear infection, I declined and decided to see it through without the ab. Not necessary to pump all these meds through our bodies.

Susan @godcares

Oh Michelle I’m agree. DO NOT GET ME STARTED!! Lol.

Michelle @michelle1021

Susan with the experience that you have, I'm sure we can all learn from it. John being a lifer, Sarah the food elimination Queen and dear Michelle with experimenting with her special oils, myself with the...some stuffy stuff, I'm sure I will have a chuckle but hey, that is why we are all here. Try something and let the others know if it works or not.

Michelle @michelle1021

And all our other Flaymers, I might not always comment but I do take it in. Keep it for future reference. Love this group xxx

Linda @justicejones

So much of the beef and chickens are given too many antibiotics and that is also contributing to the resistance.
Over use is also an issue. Add to that all of the emerging viruses etc it’s amazing we survive at all.

psomom @psomom

Interesting and timely. Our first dermatologist suggested that everytime my son gets a sore throat he should immediately take antibiotics, and I have read some scientific articles saying that is a treatment used for kids who get glutate P. I was just thinking about it and what I will do when he gets his first cold of the season (imminent). Not a fan.

Rosey @sue2023

Have been on long term antibiotics for severe acne(no acne but severe p) did nothing for me for body and spent lot of time on the loo,told Dermy this,mm bout 4 weeks off them and no difference ,so I don't them,but improved the inside without them,go figure

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