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I've never seen another Flaker in my shopping centre until an hour ago. He was trying to cover his hands with his long sleeves.


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Michelle @michelle1021

Went up to him and told him not to cover it as it is part of us. He looked at me surprisingly and asked how did I know. I told him I have P. Showed him my legs. Well, I made a friend. We are so scared that people might see our P that we forget that we are part of this world and we have the right to NOT be self conscious.

Bev @bev43

Well done Michelle I'm sure he appreciated meeting a fellow P person.

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you Bev. He asked if we could meet by the way I was talking to him. I think he might be confuse and lonely with this but that is why we are here. To help each other right? Xx

Michelle @michelle1021

The saddest thing was him trying to still cover his P from me. That was so sad as I knew this man has no self confidence, no nothing. He looked empty if you know what I mean? I can't see people suffering and my heart just went like down. So sad

Mavis @mavis

That's really kind that you tried to reassure him. Hopefully meeting you will boost his confidence 💗

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

So nice Michelle, I am sure it made him feel better in himself talking to you :),I have spoke to many people with psoriasis and they do feel better about it when i tell them i have it though they look at me and think, you got psoriasis hmmmm? , then i show it , lift up the top and show the flakes ,at least they do not feel alone,these people usually have it worse than me though, A couple of friends of mine its not visible on them so i look like i got it bad compared to them for which mine isnt bad, i know what its like to have it like bad years ago :)

Erica @Eri

Ahh Michelle that is so sad. Thank you for encouraging him, we will never know how our acts of kindness, big and small, mean to someone. And I am sure it meant a lot to him. Well done

Chel @chel

I hand psoriasis on my palms of both hands and one foot. I have never seen anyone with on there palms

Millionways @millionways

Oh yeah, it feels good to meet another sufferer. Nice that you let him suffer a bit less!

rachel @wynnegee

You're an Angel Michelle and so wise xx

Justin @justin1

You should not cover your Psoriasis - sunlight is one of the best cures!

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