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any advise for scalp psoriasis nothing the dr gives me work except making my hair fall out hospital cant help either a im not eligible or fall into the right criteria as its ONLY in my scalp and not visable


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well I had Psoriasis for years on my legs until last month now its gone bur cannot say on here what I used to clear it.

Sarah @sarahuk

I use oil on my scalp to soak it and it is very soothing. I use grapeseed

James @ferns

I had it there for years and found if I softened the plaque it would come off over a day or two without pulling hair out. I used almond oil, warmed as hot as my scalp could handle.

Meaghan @meaghan

What I tend to do is a scalp “soak” every few days. I wash my hair and then slather on my conditioner (sometimes mixed with neem powder and olive oil), put a shower cap over that and then wrap a towel around my head and leave it sit for an hour or two. Then after I rinse, I take a scalp brush and gently scrub away all the scale. After that, I rub in a mixture of neem oil and coconut oil and it’s very soothing! I hope you can find some relief!

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