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How do people cope with the staring throughout having the condition ? I had one person ask me if I had been burnt in a fire another said My ugly my skin was ?


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Cazza @caroline1996

I just ignore them. I went through most of my life being called an alien. It will piss you off but it’s a waste of energy to get mad at people who don’t understand

Lynne @lynne1

It definetly is hard to live with at a time at work I had all my hands bandaged up and had to type with a pencil !

Linda @justicejones

I see a woman with a condition where she has growths all over her face etc. I admire her so much. She holds down a job, gets up everyday and faces the stares, murmurs, finger pointing. My heart aches for her but my problem cannot compare to her condition, her courage inspires me!

James @ferns

I tell them I have leprosy. Its funny watching them jump backwards twenty feet.

Erica @Eri

It tells me so much about the person who made the ugly remark's personality - very ugly shame. You just remember you are not your illness, you are so much more, you are beautiful.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

I had it 2 years ago Lynne, i know what you mean,I sort of brushed it off as i could see the looks at my arms by saying , its psoriasis and i got asked whats that so i explained it off to them, educating if you will,I have learnt to deal with it now though.I dont get it bad but 2 winters ago it didnt look pretty,. sorry about your anger Lynne

Denise @Dool

When my legs were really bad I used to wear shorts to canoe and kayak keep your head up ignore the looks just
narrow minded ignorance x

Sarah @sarahuk

This side of psoriasis is really hard to deal with. Loads of us just cover up to avoid the issue as much as possible! When I'm feeling brave I let my skin be shown and let people look (which they do). But sometimes I still cover up when I'm feeling less brave...

Rosey @sue2023

Had the fire comments too Lynne and worst it was constant for about a year ,was a horrible year ,stopped going out etc the comments got the better of me,wore me down big time.

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