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Regarding coconut oil soaks do they have to be warmed? My son now refuses do do them. He says hates them to much. That the dripping as it’s being applied makes him crazy and that he has tried to accept them but can’t. ‘Won’t’ is more like it 😀😭


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello psomom,Hes probably fed up with it all to be honest, i know how i felt as a wee child having stick what may aswell had been axel grease on my body, its a chore and uncomfortable, i see where he coming from though its frustrating for you also i can imagine with your sons raging hormones etc ,I used to warm my coconut oil up then put it on the skin, i didnt get on well with it so i stopped it, some here swear by it, everyone to their own, i can understand his stubbornness, maybe he will come around in time ,Your a good mum psomom

psomom @psomom

Thanks John. I understand his frustration and boy do his hormones rage 😂😂 I wish it was easier but such is life!!!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I know,i know you are trying all you can, its all you can do,poor boy thanks

Madmum007 @madmum007

Hi psomum, you could say to him: 1 oil soak, wait then instead of the next soak use aveeno cream then the next time put on an oil soak so he has days off the oil soaks, or just use less oil (that's what I do)

Jen @jen1984

Perhaps try not to make it drip? I pour some on my hand and rub it in. And do some more until scalp covered. Then I walk around with a towel over my shoulders. I use grapeseed oil though because coconut makes me itchy.

Bev @bev43

Sorry he is having such a hard time. It must be so hard for you too. I wonder if you could make/buy something like we used to use on our kids that fitted over their heads to stop the water dripping onto their faces when we washed their hair

Clint @NJClint

A local bee 🐝 keeper here would make a skin cream here that was working for me check the internet for similar products

psomom @psomom

Thanks all. Clint that’s a great idea. I will look for something. I’ve tried everything to make it tolerable, bought him a plush bathrobe so it doesn’t drip on his shoulders, I wrap his head then put a plush hair turban, bought squeeze tubes so the application is easier, stopped doing g the ACV rinses even tho they worked. I think he is just angry about the P and whatever we try it’s going to upset him 💔

Sarah @sarahuk

Coxing oil isn't my favourite on scalp either for the same reasons. In fact I don't like using anywhere much! I prefer moisturiser or grapeseed oil on my scalp.

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psomom @psomom
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I don’t have P but my 13 yr old son does. I’m so grateful to have found this site in my quest to help him!

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