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I'm trying a new product that I've not seen on the shelves before. It's a liquid Epsom salt bath gel by Westlab who do the salt granules for bathing. It's on offer in Asda for UK Flaymers. There's a himalayan salt one too. I'll see what it's like! ✨


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Bev @bev43

I look forward to hearing your opinion on it.

Dawn @dawn21

I ordered some goats milk soap from Bend Soap Company it has helped a lot with the itching

Chrisb @chrisb

Hi Sarah, howcome you can mention product names but if I try it they get deleted ?

Lou @lou60

Where did u find it Sarah?

Michelle @michelle1021

Sounds great Sarah. Keep us posted! I love Himalayan products.

Sarah @sarahuk

Chris anyone on Flaym can name as many over the counter products as they like. No one on Flaym is permitted to post about named prescription medications ✨

Sarah @sarahuk

Lou it was in Asda UK

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