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How do you explain psoriasis to family members and friends in order for them to understand it?


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Ellen @ellen4

My Psoriasis was easy to explain as it developed after I was hijacked...Post Traumatic Stress...and my family & close friends knew of the hijacking...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I dont really Flaym, I do more so now though, family members know i have it so, its no problem as having it since birth,Friends couldnt care a less as i dont let it effect my life :),I do hide it the best i can if it gets worse which is usually winter, if people see it, i just say what it is and thats it,I look at it as my problem and not theres . its okay Flaym :)

Golly @golly

I dont explain toanyone

Hekla @hekla

I have Phs, arthrites and stay out of medicine, I only use natural med and spesial diet. It works for me but always looking for some more help.

michael @mycsisters

I explain it first, then show them so they know.

Rosey @sue2023

Always had it so no explanation needed for family or friends.

A @millionways

Like Rosey, they know. They were there when it started, when I strugled and now we sometimes talk about when it has changed or when it comes up. Like anything else you could talk about.

Sarah @sarahuk

My family and friends don't understand it really at all, even though I talk about it more now than I ever have in the past. I don't think many of us who have psoriasis understand it either!

dennis @dennisz

My skins not so bad or so obvious so it’s usually not an elephant in the room but my PsA is bad and so I need to explain that as to why I sometimes don’t show up for things. I’ve found everyone to be understanding so it’s pretty straightforward. Though it leads straight to suggestions about to how to fix it so I need to remember that folks mean well.

Michelle @michelle1021

I was diagnosed when I was 18. Luckily I've made school year. My family did not know what it was until I had it severe. Then only I found out that 2 of my uncles had it. My family accepts me, and they know what I have, but most importantly, they don't see me as a flakey person. They see ME.

Golly @golly

I just keep guiet

Jane :)
Jane :) @janetsipi

It was easy for me to explain to my family about P. They felt a bit sad about it but they understand, which is really the most important. As for my friends, some I shared it to them and accepted it, others took some time and are still trying to digest it.

Glanis @glanis

Some of my family don’t understand what it is because it’s not flaky mine is cuts and looks like alligator skin .I do feel embarresed by it.I dread the summer cause I can’t wear sandles because of it

Irene @queenelle66

P is genetic not curable but prevented and not contageous deseases , And I pray no one else in my generation tho ..

Kathryn @katrsssbrown

I have had this all my life so everybody already knows.. LOL. My Mom said
actually had it at birth so it is just normal for me.

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