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Sorry I've been absent. My wedding is in 9 days!! Then 2 weeks later moving to another city for a great job with my hubby. Lots of great changes. No stress, just gratitude. This life is quite lovely but believe me... It was not always. Blessings


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Lynn @lynnb366

Congratulations and god bless to all of you!

Jayne @jaynemaber

Oh Susan I am so happy for you - blessings to you both ( I will be sitting with my hat on thinking of you on the day !) xxx

Julia @kelj

So exciting Susan and I am so happy for you. I hope you post your wedding pictures. Where are you moving to.

Bev @bev43

So exciting Susan. Wishing you and your soon to be husband a happy and loving marriage. Good luck in your new home too 🤗

Clive @clive1

Super happy for you you and your beau !! May this be the beginning of an incredible and phenomenal new story for you !!

Sarah @sarahuk

Sending positive vibes to you Susan, as you do to us! ✨

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Good for you Susan,,sometimes moving to another city and a new start is good. Wishing you all the best, Lorna

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sounds lovely Susan, Hope all goes well for the future with everything ,Hope the wedding will be fantastic, i am sure it will be :) ,i wish you both well :)

Rita @rita

I'm so excited for you Susan! Have a wonderful wedding and good luck with the move!

Susan @godcares

Thanks everyone for your wishes and Blessings. Julia we will be moving about an hour away to Kelowna BC God willing. Managing a super high end apartment complex. We’ll live there too and that’s part of the benefits. Restrictions to hours so that we’re not on call day and night. Other staff for that. It will be a new chapter and new experiences for sure. Living and working together will be great too as we just are very kindred spirits.

Clint @NJClint

Congratulations and best wishes for your special day 😊

Susan @godcares

Thank you Clint.

psomom @psomom

That’s wonderful. Congratulations!

Ellen @ellen4

Wow ...Awesome Susan ..wishing you the best in the next chapter of your life.....

Michelle @michelle1021

Susan, you are a fabulous Lady and getting married to your love is awesome! My wish for you is happiness, understanding, and love. You deserve the best. Blessings to you xxx

Jane @jane2224

Congratulations to you all. Wishing you the best on this new chapter of your life.

Susan @godcares

Thanks again for your well wishes. I am more blessed than words can ever say!!!

Sarah @sarahuk

Happy wedding Susan!

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Susan @godcares
Vernon, BC, Canada

I have a very great life of goofiness, laughter and love hiking and the lakes all around me, 2 goofy kids too. And my little dog. Kind of feel like I'm in a happy bubble now. Haha... I understand everyone's struggles. My heart goes out to you all

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