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Atrisor - Good Shampoo for Scalp Psoriasis .


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Rajesh @rajeshmba

Dear Friends, I have been suffering from Psoriasis (majorly Scalp) for the past 14 years, and came across the Atrisor Shampoo (easily available in India for ~200 INR). Have been using it for over a year. Although it does not reduce Psoriasis, it removes the dead skin, scales and completely reduces the itching and releases the skin tightening to a great extent. It is also good to the Hair. I have stick to it after trying out all the Coal Tar Shampoos, Neutrogena etc. Please give a try. btw, am in no way associated / promoting the product.

Bev @bev43

Not sure if you could get this shampoo where you are for your son @Psomom

Rajesh @rajeshmba

Dear @bev43, @psomom, it can be shipped to Canada, just google it, "Atrisor Shampoo"... It is a ayurvedic one.

Rajesh @rajeshmba
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Stopped worrying about Psoriasis and Living with it :-)

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