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I have suffered with psoriasis since I was 9. I don’t know what’s it’s like to have clear skin. I’ve always been so self conscious. Anyone have luck with the new injections or pills that claim to clear psoriasis?


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Jayne @jaynemaber

Hi Jeanne - I have been on biologics since June and my skin is 100% clear - result !!!!

Jeanne @jeanne6

Wow! That’s awesome did you have any side affects that make it not worth it ?

Sarah @sarahuk

Is weird isn't it trying to think what life would be like with clear skin forever!

Jayne @jaynemaber

A few headaches and the sweats ( like going through the menopause again !!! ) But worth it for clear skin xx

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Jeanne,I am a lifer, i have never been completely clear, i did have a 2 year run though where things were good,cant understand why? i was eating anything, smoking like a chimney doing recreational bad things and my skin was good, a mystery believe me, i was going to raves at this time and taking my top off to dance etc , no P to notice , that was years and years ago,figure that?i am not saying do these bad things hmmmm, so dont take that as advice lol , I have been offered pills years a few years ago and i said no, i make do with what flakes i have , too worried about side effects etc though its a choice i know,I wish you well Jeanne

Tobin @tobin

I completely cleared my through diet alone , took 12 weeks of trial and error with certain foods but I figured it out and have been clear for 4 years now

Daisy @daisy813

@tobin what kind of diet have you been on? I just started breaking out on my scalp and new to this.

Tobin @tobin

@daisy813 all I ate to clear it was
Cooked with either coconut oil or olive oil

I took probiotics, L-glutamine and fish oil daily

After awhile you I tried reintroducing foods and whatever caused a flare up I didn’t eat

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