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Third week of a sore throat, and hey presto, guttate is appearing! Just like 18 months ago after throat infection. Torso, legs and arms... A bit of a sense of dread, but feeling less scared this second time around. Hope it doesnt spread too far... šŸ’š


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James @ferns

To be honest I can't, for the life of me, remember having strep or anything similar prior to this guttae outbreak.

Angela @angela1903

Chin up - keep active & stay positive! Get plenty of rest!!

psomom @psomom

Get well Sarah. Fingers crossed for no more spots.

Jayne @jaynemaber

happens to me regularly Sarah - sore throat = flare. I am hoping now I am on biologics it won't happen again. Hope you feel better soon - take care of yourself x

Mavis @mavis

Hope you are wheel soon Sarah šŸ’—

Mavis @mavis

Well not wheel.

Bev @bev43

I hope you get better soon Sarah. My hubby has also had a sore throat for a while plus chest infection which might be why his spots are back or it's the cold winter we still having

Justin @justin1

I suggest raw fresh garlic - it keeps colds away but also keeps people away!!!!!!!!!!

Clint @NJClint

Post nasal drip
Room temperature tea water that was boiled add salt cut a straw in half snort water into to nostril blow out water into paper towel...both nostrils twice or three times...
Then get a towel lay down on your side pour hydrogen peroxide into your ear canal a cup full or so leaving in for two minutes then tilt your head to drain onto the towel repeat for other ear..dry ears carefully with q-tips
The next day you will be fine and healing it. Works perfectly ask your doctor

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