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Monday's shopping list: lots of lemony lemons..gunna drink warm lemon drinks...rub lemon in my skin..n see what occurs :) :)


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Alan @blades

Hi Lisa let me know the out come of the Lemons pls

Michelle @michelle1021

Lisa I drink lemon most mornings when I wake up. Lemon water (cooled of boiled water) I used to drink it every morning but now 3 times week. I think it makes my immune system strong as I haven't been sick in over a year. Let us know how the lemon works. I did rub lemon on my P and it helped but I'm still a fan of my tar mix (sorry Clint!!) :)

Bev @bev43

Just bought my lemons today. I will use some to rub on hubby's spots and some to have lemon water in the mornings. I'm hoping he is as lucky as Clint with the lemons.

Clint @NJClint

A Lemon 🍋 squeezed with honey 🍯 a teaspoon full and a cap full of apple cider vinegar with mother fill with water and crushed ice

Bev @bev43

Not sure about the mother part lol

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lisa @misslisalou
Harworth, Doncaster, UK

hi all you beautiful people! I am a very proud mum to two beautiful girls (age 20 and 11) hoping to start my own business further down the line, i believe the simple life is the best life to live,one day!! lol..still struggling to accept p

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