...feeling hopeful psomom @psomom


Started the boy on Phototherapy today. Praying for good results 🙏


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Bev @bev43

Pray that it is the answer for him

psomom @psomom

Thank you Bev. C I am happy to hear that.

Rosey @sue2023

Though u went to bio therapy for him?,

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I hope so psomom, i wish him and you well :)

psomom @psomom

Thanks John. Rosey we decided at the last minute to try the light therapy first. Hoping it will do the trick so we can avoid the bios. If this doesn’t work we will do that though.

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psomom @psomom
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I don’t have P but my 13 yr old son does. I’m so grateful to have found this site in my quest to help him!

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