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I have had a lifetime of anaemia, low levels of B12, Vitamin D and gastrointestinal issues. After 3 months on the anti inflammatory diet, my blood test results today show all my levels are the highest for years!! Much happier digestive system too :)


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Jen @jen1984

So great to hear Diane. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm so happy for you.

 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

Wow fantastic news Diana, so pleased for you ,Anemia is awful thing to have i know :)

Susan @godcares

That’s very good news Diana!

Sarah @sarahuk

Amazing results! What diet are you following Diane?

Diane @froghop26

It is not a diet as such, just a list of foods to avoid really. I have been gluten and dairy free for over 20 years, but not eating nightshades, red meat, anything processed. I rarely drink alcohol anyway, very little sugar. I take turmeric and fish oil capsules. I still eat chicken and fish and lots of allowed vegetables.

Rosey @sue2023

Good one,good to hear good results,its great when we feel better

Michelle @michelle1021

That is terrific news Diane. Well done! You are doing everything right and I wish you well. I'm so happy for you xx

Bev @bev43

Wow that's such good news Diane. Congrats

IDA @ida1

Drinking a little baking soda with juice it has helped keeps the body alkaline. Sending healing your way.

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Diane @froghop26
Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia

I love animals, traveling, my children and my grandchildren. My psoriasis is an inconvenience, it doesn't define me or stop me living my life how I want. Live, laugh, love :)

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