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How many of my fellow Flaymers have changed their diet to see results in their P?


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Jen @jen1984

Yes definitely p is so much calmer.

Rosey @sue2023

At times been better at times worse ,so hasn't worked much for me but was born with it and will keep up the good eating ( most days)

Michelle @michelle1021

Wonderful to hear. Not only did my P improve but my health as well. We don't always realize this but we are what we eat right? :)

Gino @gene1

Last year I completely eliminated alcohol, sugar, and processed foods. I have only been eating foods that existed before grocery stores and restaurants came along. Has it made a difference? YES!! My psoriasis hasn't completely gone away but the skin production and irritation has slowed immensely. The diet is focused mostly on anti-inflammatory foods. I'm happy to share additional details with anyone who's interested.

Chel @chel

Yea I have I drink a lot more water and less red meat

Sarah @cottonbud

Me too! 8 months Keto, feeling brilliant 😊

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Michelle @michelle1021
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