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Getting on with a daily application on vitamin D analogue cream to bring my guttate flare down. One week in and it's feeling much better! For those who've never tried it, is non steroidal. For me, a good option!


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Sarah , sounds good, glad thats helping you :) I have heard about this cream, i suppose vit D straight on the skin must be good thank you, where you get it from, ? if you dont tme asking ? thank you :)

Md @md

It’s good, hope it will work for you

Linda @justicejones

Wow, that is great Sarah!
Thank you for sharing this, every bit of information sure helps me feel less anxious about flare ups. I love your positive attitude in handling all the ups and downs psoriasis puts one through.

Greg @greg3

Hi Sarah. I’ve had some positive results too with no side effects !

Rosey @sue2023

Sarah's has no steroids Chris ,thanks for the info Sarah

Sonia @summerdressenvy

So this has no steroids? Was this prescribed by the doctor or just purchased at the store over the counter? Do you use any other topical cream in conjunction with the Vitamin D cream?

Rosey @sue2023

Sonia look at original post,says non steroid ,

darren @darreny

Sarah what brand do you use, where did you purchase it, I saw several options listed on Amazon.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi everyone, yes the one I use has no steroids at all. It is synthetic vitamin D only. I got it at my GP on prescription (can't name prescription products) but if you ask your GP what they can recommend to you that is vitamin D analogue only, you will have the same or very similar thing. It is great!

Madmum007 @madmum007

Hi Sarah.
Lucky you !!! My GP has tried 2 different Vit D creams on me, neither worked :(
Black caster oil is my go - to aid :)
we all will find something that helps us on our quests !!

Alan @blades

hi good morning has anybody tried chickweed on their p ive told its good for it i went to a herbalist and she recommend it

Bev @bev43

Summer has arrived in Cape Town so my hubby is getting his Vit D everyday again. Hopefully the spots will go again.

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't tried chickweed. Hope you'll find one that works for you Madmum! It's definitely calming things down for me.

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