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I had my eyebrows tattooed on last week. Everything went well, no issues with P, thankfully. However, my face has become so dry it’s now starting to crack and is red, flaky & sore. I’ve tried oilatum and E45. Can anyone suggest anything else?


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James @ferns

Child's Farm is a good moisturiser.

Haley @haley

I’ve tried that one too James, doesn’t work for me either 😩 Thanks for the suggestion though ☺️

Roxanne @roxanne

Sometimes we are dry on the outside because we are dry on the inside.

Haley @haley

Thanks for the suggestions folks. Definitely agree Roxanne, need to drink more water. Will also try the vitamin E Melanie ☺️ Got epaderm cream which seems to be working, yay!

Sarah @sarahuk

I have thought about doing that too but I have p on my eyebrows and an scared what would happen!

Haley @haley

Sarah, they won’t do it if you have psoriasis in your eyebrow or your brow. I used to have it in my right eyebrow, but used cream to get rid of it. There has been no issues with P since I got them done, thankfully. I will add, it was a bit painful getting it done 🙈

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Haley @haley
Wishaw, UK

Hey guys! My name’s Haley. I’m 35 and live just outside of Glasgow in sunny Scotland ☺️ I’ve had psoriasis now for 13 years. Mostly elbows, ears and scalp.

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