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Happy World Psoriasis Day everyone! I'm celebrating with a lovely grapeseed oil soak on my scalp 😊 I'm getting back to a more balanced diet again after my food experiments this year and the guttate flare is still there but fading 💚


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Linda @justicejones

Glad you are seeing progress Sarah!
It sure does get frustrating to figure out! Keep us posted on what you think triggered it please.

Rita @rita

Have you tried grapeseed oil on your scalp before Sarah? I need to do something for my scalp which is always itchy. But it must be very oily too. Tell me if it works well.

deborah @deborah4

Didn't know there was such a thing LOL. Happy Word P day everyone.

Karin @karinm

It has been very helpful to me to follow you and your food experiments. I've done the full vegan for a while, but unless something miraculous happens I will also revert to a more balanced diet as I feel it is the same with or without my limited dairy, fish and meat consumption anyway. I will stay off sugar, gluten, cows milk, rice and other beige foods.

It is good to have it done, soothing in its own way to know one has tried and probably not been missing a trick all along.

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes Rita I've been using grapeseed oil soaks for about a year now. I love it! So soothing. Yes it is oily but that's kind of why it works for me. Takes all the itch and burn away whilst it's on. And washes out just with normal shampoo, so I do it before showering for an hour or two. Thank you Karin, it has been something that I needed to do with the food to see if there was something obvious out there that could really help me with some simple dietary rules in place. But actually, I've found that I do well with lots of fruit and vegetables and clean, home cooked food, but not much better with the serious eliminations I've been doing on top of that. I can't identify many exact foods that affect my skin other than orange juice and avocados. Histamine foods give me the burn but only if I eat lots in one day. Nightshades are not good for me but I wasn't eating much of them any way before this year as I'd basically eliminated then already... So I'm settling on a diet that is for now not eliminating anything but is focusing on clean food that is pretty low in grains, sugar, dairy, gluten... But that doesn't eliminate those things entirely. But for now, no nightshades!

bernadette @bernadette3

Im going for ten weeks light treatment on monday hope it works

Bev @bev43

Good Luck Bernadette I hope it works for you.

Jenny777 @jenny777778

How is it going Bernadette?I am due to start Light treatment in the new year (retiring at the end of this year 😊).

bernadette @bernadette3

Hi jenny hah 6 lamp treatment so far can see an improvement already I mosture
ise three times a day with cream especially for p

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