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Hi all sorry to say that my psoriasis is getting worse buy the day it's getting me down in the dumps and I can't cope don't know how much more I can take with my life anymore feels like I don't want to be here anymore don't know what else to say now


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Mally. I'm sorry you're feeling down. P can make us miserable I know. I've been there, but once I started eliminating the bad food, my P got better and I became more happy. Try to stay positive and try to eliminate the food which trigger your P. The more you stress the worse your P will become. Don't feel alone, we are Here for you. :)

Peter @peter5300

Hey Mally , Michelle is right, also add Turmeric (good to help reduce inflamation) to your diet with a Good Probiotic to help your gut and lemon, can be very overwhelming at firs but do it slowly and day by day. know most of use here have been/going through how alone and scared you are just try have an open mind

Genevieve @Genevieve

Hi Mally, I know how you can get to that place...psoriasis can make me feel utterly miserable. It can be very hard to control and sometimes be overwhelming. Hold on though...I find some sleep and sun and relaxation can help. I'm more spotty now than I've ever been, but summer is coming and that usually means improvement for me. Have you thought of going to see a counsellor? Have you tried tapping? Research shows it helps.
Take care, and keep on hoping...psoriasis can also go into remission - though we don't always know why!

Mally @mally1

Hi all be positive there will be a cure

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