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Hi. Just joined. Greetings from Scotland!

I used to work in England and the US. Love a holiday 😎. Just back from Tenerife (went soley to get some sun to help my P).

Where are you guys from?


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Greg @greg3

Hi Ian. Welcome. Hope you had a good break. We’re looking at the Canary Islands for some early sun in March.

Lynne @girlunafraid

Hi Ian I'm from the real Edinburgh but currently in lanzarote seeking the sun, it's not coming out to play yet!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ian. Very welcome to Flaym! I'm from South Africa. Looks like everybody is going to Lanzarote. Well I can do with another holiday ;)

Sharon @shazmambo

I would love to get some sun to see if it would help but I’ve had several skin cancers and melanoma.

Ian @bowiesman
Edinburgh, UK (Fife actually)

I have dreams and aspirations. Only 42 and yet to find Mrs W. Psoriasis did knock my confidence, but I'd love to speak to people who deal with it better than me x

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