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My right hand flares up as soon as the temperature drops. Anyone notice the cold weather affecting. Also if anyone could pm me with a shampoo that works. I use a very well known one that's OK. It's the best I've found so far. Can't mention brands.


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Hello Ita ,Yes weather affects me also, i dont get psoriasis bad thankfully but winter i can see a difference,I use alphosyl 2 in 1 shampoo have done for years , We only get around 3 months of summer if lucky so by the time it starts getting better in the summer, the winter is here , i wish you well

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi It's. Yes the cold is not friendly to my P either. I just try to stay moisturized and warm. I use a coal tar shampoo once a week to prevent scalp P. Good luck and keep warm :)

Lynn @lynn6862

Yes, weather, especially change of seasons like fall to winter affects my P....I find tanning booths help, some Dermotologists have special booths too & sometimes can be covered under insurance. I only go 1-2 x week when P is really bad, usually during the winter...Summer, nothing beats sun & salt water!

Ita @ita
Limerick, Ireland

My son 16 has psoriasis. I have it too. Mild enough though. Its getting bad with him. Trying to help him. Lovely to be here 😊

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