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Feeling quite run down, skin isn't doing it's best! Recent guttate outbreak is stubborn, plaques have become quite flakey, and I've lost my voice and got a bunged up cold, and sleep has become quite poor this past few days! Got to turn a corner... 💪


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Madmum007 @madmum007

Ooooh Sarah, allow yourself to have your cold. Once that's done with, your skin will improve. Promise . Have a hot toddie & wrap up warm :)

Md @md

Hi Sarah, start taking flax seed oil morning and evening. I got it very much helpful. 1 tablespoon I drink every morning and evening. Very much helpful

Michelle @michelle1021

Sorry to hear Sarah. I have heard taking flax seed oil helps. I hope you feel better soon.

Ellen @ellen4

Get well soon Sarah & hopefully all plaques & flakes will disappear...........

Sonia @summerdressenvy

Hang in there! I’ve been doubling down on lots of caffeine free teas lately as the weather gets colder around here which helps to keep me hydrated and warms the soul.

rachel @wynnegee

Ah you were doing so well but at least you KNOW you can get on top of this again. I agree with Madmum, allow your cold, try and sleep. This is such a long journey.

Bev @bev43

Sorry to hear Sarah I hope you start feeling better quickly and you P subsides

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry Sarah, i know this cold weather dont help,i hope you can get it under control, i wishy ou well

Margaret R
Margaret R @margaret2023

Lay low, drink lots of fluids. Don’t go to work when you are sick, youu will just pass thr misery on. ( one part of my mursing career was as an infection control nurse) Hope you feel better soon

Linda @justicejones

Awe, sorry Sarah. Lots of TLC and you will be doing fine.
Extra rest and lots of water to flush it out! Hugs!

Clint @NJClint

Get well soon 😊

Sarah @sarahuk

Thank you everyone! Kind words to help pick me up 😊 My cold is getting better, I started a daily multi vitamin for a few days to boost myself up and made some very wholesome juices to get some extra goodness in my body. My scalp is feeling a notch calmer that than yesterday so maybe things will start going in the right direction. Keeping on with fighting the good fight 💪

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hopefully yes, things will just get better, i am taking lots of vitamin D at mo try get it better through the cold weather , i await and see though, i cant complain , I wish you well Sarah :)

Ellen @ellen7

Hang in there. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

Barry @barry2

Hope you get well quick! I am dreading winter. I should move to Florida.

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