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Hi my lovely Flaymers. Update on the spot I got in my face. Glad to say its almost gone. Give another 2 days max. I'm very happy about that. Eating crappy food for a whole week is not good for me. The right diet is very important to us. :)


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

woooohoooo,thats great Michelle,Yes crappy food dosnt help even if it tastes nice :) great :)

Bev @bev43

So happy for you Michelle. My hubby and I started the elimination diet again today. Just to clear our systems of all the junk we've been eating

Julia @kelj

I got the flu shot on Friday and my scalp P flared even while on a corticosteroid and for the first time I had a spot on my eyebrow most annoying. Today it feels better thank goodness.

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you John and Bev. Good luck Bev, it really does help eliminating the bad food. I've been eating clean again these past couple of days and will only cheat in about 14 days. Macaroni and cheese is on the menu then lol. The P on my legs looks amazing.
Julia, you're the second person in a week to tell us this. I'm so sorry but happy that its better now. Seems the flu shots is not good at all. I know some clear skins go for it every year but they still get the flu and its bad. Let us know how Its going okay? And you too Bev!

Julia @kelj

It is better today but scalp feels really dry and no spot on eyebrow. I am most fortunate. I also should stop eating the Halloween candy.

Michelle @michelle1021

Halloween candy is the best Julia! Enjoy! You make me proud! Always trying but still placid. Xxx

Julia @kelj

Ha ha you are funny.

Dakeyras @dakeyras

Good for you Michelle, genuinely pleased for you lass. :)

Aye the dodgy diet is not for us eh, though sometimes falling off the wagon so to speak is a treat(with consequences).

For myself say a donner kerbab or pizza is normally a no go; however if I do indulge...the knock on effect can range from my face may end up looking like I have been sunbathing on Mars to I could provide enough flakes for a fake snowflake company!

bernadette @bernadette3

Im sooo down at the moment my p is flamed soooooo bad im on light treatment at the moment what moisturizing cream is best

Julie @jewelgold

Anything natural and perfume free would be best.

Michelle @michelle1021

Haha Dakeras. Luckily I don't do pizza but I do like a nice cheeseburger.
I'm sorry to hear Babette and hope the UV treatment is working? I use aqueous cream. Its good for me P. Good luck and I wish you well

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