...feeling okay popeye @el1


Has anyone else got a private message from a woman called Joyce ? asking to email her in private ?


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Linda @Linda1009

Yes I did. It's probably some sort of a scam. Not doing it

popeye @el1

That's what i thought ...I'm not doing it either

Peter @pedro60

Me neither.... hackers are into everything 😡

Flaym @flaym

Hi El, Linda, and Peter. The user was reported and has been banned from the community due to spamming. Thanks for making us aware of this.

steve @beachbum

yep, me too, some sort of scam I'm sure.

Jayne @jaynemaber

I had one from somebody called Pratym today

Peter @peter5300

yes , they are trying to scam people , i answered to check no sooner did i answer and get a response they blocked me on Flaym , and the mail i got was one of those scam messages

Bev @bev43

I got one too but didn't answer

Dakeyras @dakeyras

Aye always best to ignore such unsolicited messages full stop and report the user in question to one of the Community Manager's...

Deb @deb73

I have one too from Susan and Desmond w... Asking for my email, though they did provide theirs.

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popeye @el1
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