...feeling frustrated James @ferns


Not sure UV is going to work for me. It won't penetrate plaque so they gave me all sorts to get rid of it but it's reforming faster.


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Susan @godcares

James in Vancouver they have a psoriasis unit. What we did there for 2 weeks is put on zinc oxide ointment with tar crap, then they’d put cornstarch on top. We’d sit all day then we’d shower. They’d use these loufa scrubbers to scrub our plaques off, then in the UV light, then they’d plaster on cortisone ointment. We’d go home and start all over the next day. Totally worked but always comes back. All I can say is that our condition needs to be treated from the inside along with other stuff. Just a bandage solution. That was my experience anyway. Good luck to you.

Jen @jen1984

Yes Susan that's what I've learned from following this site. Light treatment and biologics are bandage solutions for too many people.
Everything we use in the way of creams etc only works for so long as well. So why spend so much money.
Diet and lifestyle changes are the most helpful. And for most of us a combination of things and changing it up now and then.

Bev @bev43

Sorry to hear that James. Hopefully you'll find a solution to your plaque

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry James, hope you can get on top of it , sounds very uncomfortable sorry

James @ferns

I can't be off work as I don't get paid, well, not much anyways. Also, on sleepovers, if the guy I work with has a drug resistant seizure, I occasionally have to get him to hospital. I would have no time to shower. I can't use the creams on those nights so any gain made the previous night is lost. I think I need to speak with the dermatologist again.

Sarah @sarahuk

Sounds a great idea to speak with your dermo again James. You need something that fits your life, from an the options that are available. Have you tried the medicated foams that are available? Or have you discussed your options with biologics?

Rosey @sue2023

Keep trying James Series have all kind of treatments ,pitty any are way to expensive for me so I stay in an inflamed mode ,oh well Life goes on .

James @ferns

I had a chat with my boss and she's agreed to put me on regular day shifts for a couple of weeks so I can more easily use the gunge :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Good James ,hope it goes well

Clint @NJClint

Hit it with lemon 🍋 for three days during light treatment

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