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Hi my lovely Flaymers. Its very hot here in South Africa. We have 36 degrees and will be going up. The humidity is not good for me. Water retention which triggers and itch. How many of you have experience with water retention and flares? Xxx


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Michelle @michelle1021

My feet are swollen and its sore, had to soak my feet in cold water to keep it cool. Water retention has always been a problem fore which is why I stay with greens but this heat is tiring and my scalp is itching. Maybe because of the sweatiness? Not good.

Bev @bev43

Sorry to hear that Michelle. My family and friends in Jozi are moaning about the heat as well. I've been put on a tablet because of water retention. Make sure you spend sometime with your feet up higher than your heart. It helps to reduce them

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you Bev. I will try it. I'm going to be a lazy mama now ;). We all love the heat but we need rain to cool everything down. Strange, if one doesn't complain about the heat then its the cold. We are never happy about anything are we? Lol. Thank Bev, I'm going to get some pillows now and relax with an ice tea. Xx

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

I hope things will get better Michelle, sorry about the water retention and the itch from heat , try keep cool, here i try keep warm in the Uk, i hope things will get better

Julie @jewelgold

The heat can trigger mine as well. We are going into our summer and we have high humidity and high 30-40 temps.

deborah @deborah4

Heat and humidity bother me as well. In fact it's the worst that can happen for me. Feet up :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you. I think its more about the humidity but I have to say my feet are way better today. Its 10:00am and already 29 degrees. All will be okay. Tovyou all in the cold countries, Keep warm my Flaymers and I wish you all well.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Ooooh thats hot Michelle at that tine, I m expecting 24 to27 degrees next week in peak time when i am on holiday, think thats enough though may get chilly in evenings,Not to bad here at the moment though weather can change just like that in the uk,They keep predicting snow in a few weeks, i dont think so?, rarely snows before xmas in the south of the uk anyway,maybe up north as its colder there,, Glad your feet are better Michelle :) :)

Rosey @sue2023

Arr u on tablets Michelle? Was on some once that caused fluid retention,no more tabs for me for that and no more retention.

Carolyn @carolyn947

I feel the same Michelle! Hot humid weather here in Cape Town...brought back my scalp P 😩

Julia @kelj

Hope you stay cool Michelle I have no problems with fluid retention and I seem to do better when it is humid.

Derrick @Wango

Yip herebin Texas same issue in summer

Mabe @MSV

I haven't really monitored my flare ups--but I suspect they have something to do with stress. Is that possible?

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Hello Mabe, could be many factors, we are all different with this , Mines good in the summer stressed or not ,though i dont get stressed if i can help it ,Cold has a factor for me ,It could be what one is eating or drinking can an effect on the skin,Inflammatory foods dont help the condition for a lot of people and one may reduce their psoriasis just by changing their diet/lifestyle, I wish you well thanks

Michelle @michelle1021

Stress is a big factor for me. I think its the worst of all. Food not so much although I do get a spot if I cheat too much.

Clint @NJClint

Drink coffee it makes you pee don't be a cheater LOL 😁

Michelle @michelle1021

hahaha Clint. so does water.
lol where some food is concerned I'm a part time cheater. I love a big plate of attractive food although I can't eat all of it.

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