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Im feelibg great now i have hydroxyzine back i dont itch has much but it sure does help maybe not when it wears off lol be glad get home tired of hotel living


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Jen @jen1984

That's great Patty. I'm glad you are feeling better. Quality sleep is very important.

Dakeyras @dakeyras

Good for you lass, however my friendly advise is do not over use which version you do have as is it can actually have a counter affect at times...

As in the more histamine you do have in your system can actually cause a adverse affect depending on the type of body/face 'P' you have. However we are all different and if works for you, then all good. :)

Patricia @pasttyann
Bermuda Dunes

Hi swf 47yrsold i have and it's been itching me a lot I have psoriasis and I am on how did doxxing and inflammation is really bad

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