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Did you realise that laundry detergents cause many skin problems? Fillers and phosphates stay in your clothes sheets and towels even after they are washed


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Julie @jewelgold

Yes, I have been eliminating a lot of things. I use natural personal hygiene things and will try changing my laundry detergent next.

Judith @Wellness

Melaleuca is the botanical name for tea tree oil. Can help out in this area as well. look them up online

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I am the same, I need to use only scent free laundry soap. J have used Meleluca detergent as well as their renew skin cream in the past and its just amazing! Funnily enough a co worker brought in a new catalogue. I will be getting back to it!

Judith @Wellness

That’s wonderful news been a customer and have helped many gain improved health for almost 10 years. Passionate about helping change lives

Michelle @michelle1021

Oh yes Judith. Definitely. One thing I can't use is fabric softner.
I have never seen scent free laundry soap here in SA....I should look for it actually.

Judith @Wellness

I was in SA in FEB...Happy to connect and show a great range which you will love. Only if you wish. I’m on fb and Linkdin

Dakeyras @dakeyras

A very good post/point to raise Judith, non bio-logical is the better option for many reasons apart from the 'P' aspect...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I always use a mild soap powder for my washing, no harsh bleaches and stuff like that and keeps my colours looking vibrant in too :)

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Judith @Wellness
Hamilton, New Zealand

Passionate about changing lives

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