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30+ raw fruits veg and berries every morning in capsule form have given me amazing results in only 3 months !


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John @john9541

Hi Janice, what is the brand of tablet or capsule?

Michelle @michelle1021

That is amazing Janice. Well done! Yes please, share the brand with us. I'm very happy for you!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Is it berrie + capsules, i know these ones set my skin off 2 years ago Janice, though i know some have had success in the past with these, if these are the ones that come in purply pink tops and are not cheap?, I am glad they worked for you :)

Janice @janice1970

Hi guys the brand is juice plus. I was introduced to them by an old school friend who had great results with fibromyalgia. I gave them a try and my skin has settled from red raw and bleeding large patches to very mild smooth skin with very slight dryness. Also my PsA thumb joint swelling went down and pain is gone. I also take Vit D3 which on it's own didn't do much. My nails which were broken away back to the half moon have grown back strong and normal in 8/9 weeks. I'm really delighted so will definitely keep on with this regime. If it's the same one John I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Not expensive at all when I consider how much I used to spend on fresh fruit and veg and throw a lot of it out as it didn't keep fresh. Def worth a try folks!

Julie @jewelgold

Sounds worth a try. Thank you

Rosey @sue2023

A great way to get all your needs plus,I will look out for those capsules,worth a try thanks Janice

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes, thats the ones i had,It didnt work for me and thats when i joined Flaym at that time as my skin went crazy, i tried them again 3 months later and my skin went up again, something in it didnt like me , they were expensive and i got them off a friend as she was a promoting these Juice+ CAPSULES, i had sold them on to a work friend for cheap,They can work for some people but keep watch,if you see things getting worse then stop them,if things improve, keep going, we are all different , Glad they worked for you Janice :)

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Janice @janice1970
Londonderry, UK

I have P since age 9 and PsA since 50. I'm now 58 and have had some awful bad times especially in last 3 years. Interesting to note I have 7 children and every time skin cleared completely during pregnancy !

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