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What is your treatment plan for psoriasis?


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Md @md

Diet and lifestyle change improved my condition about 90%. Only 2 small plaques come and go. I am trying to continue my diet. Sometimes I have to break the diet plan due to party or outing.

Peter @pedro60

Hi michelle I use [...] every other day and moisturiser in between.... since iv started using Dead Sea soap iv not had any scales but do have red spots which are clearing up quite quickly, stings a bit under the arms initially but Il take that to having Raging P x

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

At the moment Michelle,Eat healthy, no drinking for over a week as i got a reunion coming up with the company i used to work for years ago, depending if my car can be fixed? then i can go,Just go as i normally do, eat great feel great Thank you :) :)

Millionways @millionways

I do not eat certain foods. I take a salt bath a couple of times a week. Use the best lotion, without medications etc, that I could find. And I take lots of vitamines. (And I used to take walks, but I have to get back into that)
I am still doing fine in this way.

Michelle @michelle1021

Wonderful to hear you all. Yes, my treatment plan stays with the certain food I eat and drinking my turmeric once or twice a week. I still use lemon to get rid of the flakes and apply my coal tar mix afterwards. I should take some more walks too Million. Exercise is good for us.

darren @bigd1982

Going gym and taking vitamin d and a tablet called liveral daily which means I am now clear

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

wwoooo hoooooo,hip hip hooooray, thats great , thanks for sharing Darren, great news indeed, nice to hear these nice things that happen to people , right, i am popping into holland and barrat for those liveral tablets lol thank you ;)

Lynn @lynn6862

What are liveral tablets Darren?

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