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Stress, insecurities, doubts, confusion, over thinking. That’s me 24/7


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psomom @psomom

That’s a difficult way to feel Cazza. Especially when it leads you to feel alone. Sounds like my son 100% PM me if you want someone to talk to.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

We are all here to help Cazza, If you want my help then i and others will help you, i wish you well

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Cazza. Insecurity is an inner feeling of being threatened or inadequate in some way. We all have felt like this or shall I say feel like this sometimes. But while it’s quite normal to have feelings of self-doubt/insecurities once in a while, chronic insecurity can sabotage your success in life and can be particularly damaging to your intimate/normal relationships. Insecurities means a poor self esteem. With us P sufferers its a normal thing to to have a poor self esteem but it is also up to us to change that. Don't let small things get you down. Trust yourself to know that no matter what the other person does, you will take care of you. YOU is what matter. Once you start putting trust in yourself, the insecurities, doubts, confusion and over thinking will fade. Stay positive my girl and you will see how the world will change for you. :)

Cazza @caroline1996

Thank you everyone for showing me that I’m not alone as I though I was. Sorry it took me so long to reply... things just got worse for me and I had to take time away. But seeing all this has given me the boost that I needed!

Michelle @michelle1021

Fantastic news Cazza. Remember, we are all here for you. Don't hesitate to talk to us. We have all been there and some still but, it's good to talk about it. Good luck and stay positive :)

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Cazza @caroline1996

How do you do? 😊

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