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Ladies, have you noticed improvements in your skin via night sweats associated with the menopause?


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Madmum007 @madmum007

ok daft question I know, but, after 3 months of this nearly all of my p has now gone!!!!
legs gone, scalp (which was horrific ) very almost gone (98%) gone, butt 85% gone!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) :)
I am a hot sweaty happy bunny !

Rita @rita

Absolutely no difference for me but maybe that’s because I’ve never had any menopause symptoms. Great for you Madmum!

Michelle @michelle1021

That is absolutely great news Madmum. I'm happy for you. Well, I don't know what to reply on that. I thought I was in my menopause stage at first, but then symptoms disappeared. I guess I'm going younger by the day ;)

Ellen @ellen4

I have vicious night sweats & day sweats change in P... in fact P came a few years after I started menopause....

deborah @deborah4

I went through menopause symptom free also, but it was about that time that my P started...

Clint @NJClint

The key there is sweating out toxins and again that's where lemon 🍋 helps both combined are a winning plan

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