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Anyone has psoriatic arthritis? I am diagnosed as guttate psoriasis for 3 months and only 26 years old, feeling joints pain, can I have arthritis in my 20s?


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Rosey @sue2023

Yes you can get this , which joints are you feeling it in?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Fiona and welcome to Flaym! I'm sorry to hear about your guttate Psoriasis and Psa. Yes I have PsA as well. Never been diagnosed by a derm but I learned it from here. Yes, you can get PsA in your 20's. Some children under 18 were diagnosed with PsA as well. You can manage it though by eating the right food. I had joint pain and stiff fingers for a long time. I'm a turmeric fan and since I've been drinking and eating it a lot my PsA is gone. Well it can come back of course but Its been months since I've had joint pain. Try to eliminate some bad food out of your diet too. To me, PsA is manageable.

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