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Hi. I've not been on for a while so hope everyone is good. Is it just me or is everyone's P worse in the winter? My scalp is driving me so mad I spent a small fortune on a UV comb but not seeing much improvement 😒


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

yes, i am the same claire, i am with you on that, i dont like winter at all and it dont like me

Michelle @michelle1021

Most of us don't like winter as our P gets worse and when it gets to spring, we try all sorts of things to get it gone before summer - sometimes with no success. Good luck with the UV comb Claire. It might take some time to heal?

Claire @clairec375
Livingston, United Kingdom

I love my 2 kids, wine F1 and hubby in that order 😁😁😁

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